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Program Summary

_DSC2111This comprehensive program will give you a solid foundation to both find your voice as a teacher and enrich your personal practice. Topics covered will include:

  • Asana, including teaching techniques, alignment, sanskrit names and modifications
  • Hands on assists and adjustments
  • Study of historical texts, including The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • The spiritual connection of yoga to our daily lives
  • Chakras, Bandhas, Mudras, Chanting & Kriyas
  • Anatomy & Physiology as it relates to yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Practice Teaching
  • Class observations


The Yoga teacher training experience with Betsy, Jill, Clare and Margaret changed me. I had heard participating in this program was life changing but I didn’t really notice the subtle yet extremely important changes until the program ended.  My physical practice of yoga had the most obvious shift.  Being that I practiced yoga at a different studio before the training, I went back to a place that I had outgrown.  I now had a different expectation for my practice as that is what I was used to at yoga haven.  I craved very detailed instruction that made me feel safe physically and very much missed the mind, body, spirt connection that I became so aware of during my teacher training experience.  I noticed the philosophy aspect of the program sticking with me on a daily basis.  Through the teachings of yoga, the tools I learned to help get through tough moments in life are priceless.  The program is not easy but the end result is something that i will forever be grateful for.
Jaime Maldanado, 2017 Graduate

Program Dates & Fees

The 200 hour training is a serious commitment.  Please carefully review the dates below to make sure you can attend all required sessions.  Full attendance is required to qualify for certification.

Program Dates:

Start Date: September 2018
Location: Yoga Haven 2, Scarsdale
Every Wednesday 6-9 pm
6 Sundays 1-6:30 pm
3 Fridays 6-8:30 pm

Program Fee:

Tuition includes unlimited yoga classes at both studios for the duration of the training. A $2000 deposit is due upon acceptance, and the balance is due the first night of training. Your tuition includes a detailed manual, but does not include books/texts for History & Philosophy or Anatomy & Physiology (estimated additional cost of $100).

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 “This has been an unforgettable nine month. I graduated from college many years ago, it was great, but I don’t even remember if I enjoyed the process of studying and learning. Then I had a career and took care of my family, but never thought to return to studying again. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed the process of studying, explore and research new things.  Betsy, you have taught us to think and go deep, not just read and memorize. Your sense of humor and ease makes each class so unique. Many thanks to you and all the Yoga Haven teachers.”
Irina Korshin, 2016 Graduate

Things to Consider When Choosing a Training

Whether you are looking for a career change, or want to enhance your personal practice, signing up for a 200 hour training is a big commitment.  It is important that you pick a training that will be a good fit for your interests, schedule and learning style.  Here are some things to think about:

  • Style
    Yoga Haven graduates will learn to teach an alignment conscious, vinyasa style class.  You will understand the fundamentals of poses, and learn to give clear, concise instruction.  We stress the importance of making yoga accessible to a wide range of students with understanding of anatomy and thoughtful modifications.
  • Focus
    Yoga Haven’s training has a strong foundation in asana and teaching techniques, but trainees will also delve into the historical context of the practice as well as key philosophical texts.  Many students find the history and philosophy portion to be one of their favorite parts of the training.
  • Time Frame
    Can you imagine fitting 4 years of college into 1 year?  It is similar to fitting a 200 hour training into 1 month.  Yoga Haven’s program spans 8 months, allowing trainees the time to absorb and integrate the material.  Teacher training is not like cramming for a test in high school.  We want to provide you with the time and space for a full and lasting experience.
  • Value
    The 2017-2018 training cost is $3400.  This includes 8 months of unlimited yoga classes.  A comprehensive manual is included.  The only additional cost is history and philosophy and anatomy books (approx. $100).
  • Reputation
    Yoga Haven has been running a 200 hour teacher training annually, since 1998.  Yoga Haven was voted Westchester Magazine’s best yoga studio in 2001, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 & 2016.
  • Spirituality
    This training has a deep spiritual component, connecting up why we practice yoga and how it connects back into all aspects of life.
  • Personal Transformation
    Most trainees report back that far beyond learning to teach yoga, they learn to take yoga off the mat and into their daily lives.
  • Support
    Over the 8 months, trainees form bonds that last long after graduation.  Our instructors are passionate about what they teach and want to see you succeed.

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Betsy has really created a program that balances all components of what a yoga teacher should really learn and know about the history and philosophy of yoga, the fundamentals of anatomy, safe and sustainable asana practice and so much more than that!

Her co-facilitators, Jill, Margaret and Clare, each bring their own expertise and personality to the training, so as a student, you come away with several points of view and a well-rounded foundation. The program incorporates a reasonably paced curriculum to enhance and deepen your own practice as it prepares you to teach various poses in an asana class, including fundamental meditation and pranayama practices. It’s rigorous, no doubt, but attainable and manageable.
Laura Levenson, 2015 Graduate


Program Video:

“I’m thinking back to day one when all the teachers said this training is happening at the right time for different reasons for each of us, and that couldn’t have been more true. Being in this training during a challenging, crazy year has helped so much to show me my own courage and faith to accept whatever changes come. It has been amazing watching myself, and my fellow trainees learn, grow and have those light bulb moments! Learning to connect with, and be able to teach different people has been so important as well as taking the practice beyond the physical body to help the whole self. The support from Yoga Haven, has been incredible and I don’t doubt that it will continue going forward.  I take from this experience new bonds, and the ability to share my passion for yoga with future students!”
~ Laura Ryan, 2016 Graduate


“How did I ever live before, and really how did I?  Not this well, for sure.”
~ Caitlin Murray, On the night of her 2016 Graduation


“Taking this teacher training program has help me see life differently. I can honestly say that what I’ve learned has changed me forever. I am grateful for the wonderful guidance from each of our teachers. They go far and beyond to help you succeed in being the best version of yourself.”
~Maria Smith, 2015 Graduate


“I learned how to live in my body with more peace and freedom and joy. I learned how to move and be strong and flexible at the same time. And, I am deeply grateful for the compassion, wisdom, open hearted, and terribly smart, up to date teaching and teachers.”
~Cindy Coghlan, 2007