2017-2018 Teacher Training Page

Breathing Video
The Science Behind Yoga
Assisting Video
Bone Review
Fascia “Fuzz” Video
Fascia Deep Front Line Video
Propping in Virasana
Scapulohumeral Rhythm
Scapulohumeral Rhythm with Alison West
Fake It Until You Make It
Your Knees in Pigeon
Neurophysiological Foundations of Yoga Breathing: Roger Cole, PhD
The Benefits of Good Posture
The True Purpose of Yoga
Hyperextension of elbows in down dog
Practice Acceptance
But I Thought All Yoga Was Therapeutic
Yoga for Large Bodies
Yoga Strap Backpack for Posture
Down Dog Strap and Door video
Roger Cole: The science behind restorative inversions

The Top 5 Ways Fascia Matters to Athletes, Brooke Thomas
The Psoas: Muscle of the Soul, Danille Prohom Olson 
Yoga: Changing the Brain’s Stressful Habits, Alex Korb
Six Things I don’t Say In Yoga Class Anymore
Redefining Advanced Yoga
12 Minutes of Yoga for Better Bone Health
Neuroscience and the True Purpose of Yoga
But I Thought All Yoga Was Therapeutic
Teachers Are You Accidentally Shaming Students?
How to Teach a Multi-level Class
The Art of Teaching a Mixed Level Class
10 Tips for Teaching Yoga to All Levels
Accidentally Shaming Students
Yoga International Kosha meditation
Why is yoga effective for chronic pain management?
5 Common Sequencing Errors

Muscle Viewer: www.innerbody.com/anatomy/muscular

History & Philosophy Additional Resources:

Non dualism:
Nondualism: A Brief History of a Timeless Concept
Understanding Non-Duality, Hinduism, Buddhism, Enlightenment & Life! 
Advaita: Understanding the Theory of Non-Duality
Book recommendation: “The Yoga Tradition – It’s History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice” by Georg Feuerstein