2019 TT Application

200 Hour TT Application (2019-2020)
Frequency of current yoga practice: *
Current yoga style (check all that apply): *
Have you had any of the following: *
This program is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. Checking one of these boxes does not exclude your participation, but it helps us have an honest conversation about your readiness to participate.
Incomplete Teacher Trainings Policy: Teacher training students are expected to finish their requirements by December 31st of the year the training concludes. Anyone not finished by that date, pays a $50 administrative fee per year, plus a per hour rate for any meetings, sessions, and workshops of missed material. These rates depend on the type of session. All past trainees must adhere to the most current curriculum being taught. An evaluation of trainees past requirements will be compared, and a schedule of final requirements will be assigned. If two years have past, a new video of a “class” must be handed in. Once all requirements are completed, a certificate with the current date will be awarded.