See what our students have to say about us and how being part of the Yoga Haven community has changed their lives.

“I started yoga at Yoga Haven because I wanted to treat my shoulder  stiffness and other discomforts by myself. Before taking regular yoga class, I had to go to massage every week. I wanted to change that situation; I had to depend on someone to release me from the pain.  After I took yoga classes regularly at YH, I could soon feel better with my shoulder and lower back discomfort. Not only treating pain, I also felt happiness and peace in my mind.  I soon started to think if yoga makes me happy, yoga can make other people feel happy too. If more and more people feel happy, it will lead to happy community, happy country and happy world.

This is one of the main reasons I decided to take teacher training. I had always been looking for a way I could contribute to society and to the world.  Now I am teaching yoga, and very happy to see my students feel better and happier.”
Yuki Yamakawa, Scarsdale now Houston


“The first time I walked into Yoga Haven and met owner Betsy Kase, it felt like coming home.  There is a warmth and like-mindedness evident throughout the space.  Each student and teacher is nurtured as an individual, in a challenging yet safe and knowledgeable way.  During my year spent in the teacher training program, I was enlightened not only by the coursework, but also by the friendship and support of everyone involved.  Several years into working as a yoga teacher, I can definitely say my training prepared me well to meet the challenges of my varied classes and students.  Whenever I go to a fancy workshop led by one of the “rock stars” of yoga, more often than not I am thinking “yeah, Betsy taught me that”!   Even now, whenever I need to “recharge” my practice or teaching, a trip to Yoga Haven always does the trick.”
Kelly Jancski, RYT 200, Rye, NY  


“I came to Yoga Haven after my move from Europe back to New York. I wanted a studio that offered varieties of Yoga as well as experienced and safe teachers. Yoga Haven offered so much more that I decided to do my teacher training there. It was seriously one of the best experiences I have had. The quality of instructors with their solid knowledge of yoga inside and out has exceeded my experiences around the world. I live in London now and have searched for two years to find the same kinds of teachers I so easily had access to through Yoga Haven. I can’t wait to return home to that community and education that Betsy Kase and her staff have created at Yoga Haven!”
Samantha Carney, London


I was among the ‘inaugural’ crowd of Yoga Haven students when there was one studio with ugly blue carpeting alongside office space for a big municipal construction project.  It only took a couple of classes to recognize the quality of the teachers (at that time, only Betsy, Katherine, Ann and Jill,I think) and the thoughtful ranking of classes into various levels.  My favorite came to be 1.5!  Every class was different, and attention was paid to alignment, avoiding injury, and having a good time.  Now that I have been living in the Jersey Shore area for 5 years, I have yet to find a studio of comparable professionalism.  With new research coming into the public’s attention about the risks and benefits of yoga, the instruction at Yoga Haven seems even more grounded in an understanding of how the body works than I first thought. Even today, I hear the voices of my former teachers in my ears, giving verbal prompts that keep me from getting lazy and getting the most out of every posture.

Pat,  New Jersey


“I started coming to Yoga Haven about 10 years ago.  My purpose for coming was purely to get a good work out.  I wasn’t interested in any kind of chanting or spiritual mumbo- jumbo – just give me a good workout.  And a good workout is what I got.  But as I progressed in my practice, I couldn’t help but to accept that my practice was affecting me in a positive way off of the mat.  I was able to apply thoughts that had been communicated within a class to the outside world.  This is due to the teaching that goes on at Yoga Haven. The teachers all come from a similar style.  They may teach different levels and have different methods of teaching, but throughout the years, I have continually heard each one of them say, “Listen to your body,” or “It’s your practice-do as much as you can.”  Once I had practiced for a while, I was able to heed those words and leave my ego at the door.  Consequently this allowed me to practice even deeper while simultaneously respecting my body’s limitations.  The teachers don’t try to pretzel you into some shape that doesn’t work for your body, but rather they listen and offer suggestions and adjustments to allow you to participate in the class,  regardless of your level,  and to derive the most benefit you can from the practice.   This to me is the best aspect of practicing at Yoga Haven, compared to practicing yoga at a gym, or even a studio that has a more militant approach to yoga.  And it’s one of the biggest reasons I keep coming back.

I have found that coming back to Yoga Haven after an injury or after surgery can be very therapeutic.  The teachers are completely sympathetic to any insult your body has endured and are willing to provide any modifications as necessitated.  And, when life is not being kind and just the thought of going anywhere seems cumbersome, I have found that after my practice at the studio I feel much better than when I arrived.   A great example of this happened to me when there was a possibility I had cancer-going to Yoga Haven was the only thing that got me out of my bed.  I cried as I told my instructor, Denise Madden, the possibility of what might be.  She practically tailored the class to meet my emotional needs, all the while not losing sight of incorporating the needs of others in the class.  I just remember being in downward dog and thinking, I’m going to fight this thing!  Thankfully, the diagnosis was not an actuality, but to know that I can take refuge at Yoga Haven at any time is like having an extended family that I actually want to see!!”
Rasheeda Mustafa, MS, RD, CDN, Clinical Nutritionist



“I’ve been taking Michele’s Pilates classes for just about a year. In that time, I have seen my core strengthen and develop resulting in a more toned mid-section, significantly improved posture and better balance. These physical benefits also have an emotional affect; with a stronger core, we are able to address the world from a much more solid and steady center.

Michele herself has an incredible energy and a gentle, calm approach. No two classes are ever identical, and she clearly puts much care and consideration into each class’s routine.  She inspires us to challenge ourselves, but always reminds us to honor where we are at each moment of our practice. This makes for an incredibly satisfying physical workout, as well as a mindful and centering experience. ”
Christine V.


“Pilates at Yoga Haven is a great experience.  I feel stronger, toned & sculpted.  My instructor Michele has a great way of making our workouts fun and rewarding.”

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