Aerial Yoga


DSC05317Come Play!  You do not need to be a circus star, lifelong yogi, or natural-born acrobat to try this fun class.  With the support of aerial hammocks, explore, and refine traditional poses, in the air and on the ground. Allow gravity to assist as you realign the body and center the mind.

To participate you must have knowledge of basic yoga poses, have the strength to jump into the hammock, and a willingness to try and hang upside down!

Check the workshop calendar for upcoming classes, or contact us about setting up a private session for you and your friends.



**Not suitable for students with glaucoma/detached retina, vertigo/inner ear issues, recent concussion/head injury, back or neck conditions, motion sickness or botox within 24 hours.  If you have questions about your participation, please contact us before signing up so we can chat and determine if this is an appropriate class for you.