I don’t typically use the website or studio as a platform to promote products. But, I am so convinced of the benefits of CBD oil, that I felt I had to make an exception. Like me, many of you also struggle with anxiety, depression and physical pain. That’s why we do yoga! Adding CBD oil to my self-care regimen has had a dramatic effect. I struggle with life long depression and anxiety, along with chronic low-grade inflammation and pain, headaches, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and sleep problems. For years, I have used traditional and non-traditional “medications” to control my depression and anxiety, but over the past year, for a number of reasons, my anxiety level escalated. I had read about CBD oil before, and pressed by my heightened anxiety, it seemed worth a try. There are many products out there that are over-hyped. I had an open mind but wasn’t expecting major or quick results. I was astounded! After only a week of experimenting with dosage, I experienced a decrease in generalized anxiety, improved sleep and fewer hot flashes. A couple of months after I started taking CBD oil, my 79 year old father was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition, similar to rheumatoid arthritis, that causes severe muscle pain. He was on high does steroids and still in pain. After starting CBD oil, he has been able to cut back to a very low dose of the steroid and is now pain free. Unlike many other treatments, CBD oil has no major side effects. The reason I became a yoga teacher and opened Yoga Haven was to have the opportunity affect student’s lives in a positive way. I have witnessed yoga’s profound ability to reduce a student’s pain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional and/or psychological. But yoga alone sometimes isn’t enough. CBD oil is a low risk, potentially high impact way to live with less suffering.

Some Common Questions....

Is it legal?
Yes! Sale and use of CBD oil is legal in all of the USA.
Will CBD oil get me high?
No. CBD oil contains no more than trace levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive cannabinoid that elicits the “hazy” or “stoned” mind-altering feelings that are typically associated with marijuana use.
Is it the same as hemp oil I've seen at the health food store?
CBD oil is different from hemp oil found in most grocery and health food markets, which are likely created using hemp seed oil and contain only trace amounts of CBD. While nutritious, hemp seed products contain extremely low levels of CBD per weight, making them inadequate for those seeking CBD’s balancing effects.
What are the benefits of CBD oil?
• Relieves Pain

• Treats Nausea

• Lowers Inflammation

• Reduces Anxiety

• Treats PTSD

• Treats Epilepsy

• Treats Cancer

• Anti-psychotic

• Promotes Good Sleep

• Boosts Immune System

• Controls Auto-immune Diseases

• Treats Neurological Disorders

• Controls Appetite

• Skin Care

• Controls Diabetes

• Promotes Heart Health

• Reduces Drug Relapses

• The World Health Organization has recognized CBD as being safe, non-toxic and with very few side effects.

Will I get addicted?
No. The World Health Organization declared in a 2017 report that CBD is non-addictive in humans.

It’s the active ingredient in marijuana – THC – that causes it to be addictive in some people.

You may feel so good that you won't want to stop taking it, but it is NOT addictive in a brain altering way.

How much should I take?
Place the drop(s) of CBD oil under your tongue and let it sit in your mouth. How much to take varies from person to person based on your system and the severity of what you are addressing. It may take some experimentation to find the proper dose. Most people start the 3% oil and use 1 drop, 3 times a day, increasing by 1 drop every 3-7 days. Like this:

Day 1: 1 drop morning, 1 drop afternoon, 1 drop evening

Day 3-7: 2 drops morning, 2 drops afternoon, 2 drops evening

Day 6-14: 3 drops morning, 3 drops afternoon, 3 drops evening

And so on, and so forth, until you find the dose that works for you!

1 drop of our 3% CBD oil = 1mg of CBD

1 drop of our 15% CBD oil = 5mg of CBD

Why this company?
After personally trying different brands, I selected Endoca. Endoca makes products from certified organic Cannabis (Hemp) plants, grown and cultivated without herbicides or pesticides. They have been producing hemp extracts for 10 years. Their products are Organic, GMO & Pesticide Free – ISO Certified. They consider themselves to be more of a grassroots movement than a company.

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CBD oil

Hemp Oil Drops 300mg CBD (Cannabidiol) (3%)

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Hemp Oil Drops 1500mg CBD (Cannabidiol) (15%)

$ 140 (tax included); 5 x stronger concentration

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