Childbirth Education Classes

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your birthing day! Our childbirth education class is packed with tools and information for both you and your partner, beyond what you might get in a standard hospital course.  We delve deeper into the birthing process, highlighting the empowering perspective on how your body was designed to give birth. We also shed more light on various birthing options, coping strategies, and medical interventions. Utilizing this knowledge, you can formulate a “birthing concept” to help you create an open dialog with your medical providers and ensure you are all on the same page.  And it’s not just for the mamas! This interactive workshop will help your partner build their labor and delivery support toolbox, full of coping measures, yoga poses, acupressure points, breathing techniques and more.

Recommended at 20+ weeks, dress comfortably, and bring snacks.

childbirth education at yoga haven

Upcoming Workshops:

Childbirth Education: Essentials for a More Easeful Birth

Upcoming 2017 Dates:
October 15, 1:00 – 7:00 pm in Tuckahoe


Pregnancy is surrounded by fear as much as it is associated with joy. It is so easy to give in to the fear, especially as a new mother, experiencing labor for the first time. Kelly gave me valuable knowledge of pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum shift, but most importantly, she offered me a safe and compassionate space where I could take the power away from my fear. By the time my baby was ready to be born, I was empowered and excited for the uncharted waters ahead…not afraid. She also prepared my husband, who tirelessly supported me during my labor. I am so grateful for Kelly as a friend and teacher, and would recommend her guidance to every woman and her partner.


As a husband, you sometimes feel removed from the birthing process and its hard to understand what your wife is going through.  These classes are more than just learning about birth; it gives you tips and tools that get your through the early parts of labor to first moments with your new baby.  The knowledge is invaluable.  After taking the class, you have to confidence to own the entire experience together with your partner.

Breastfeeding Basics & Postpartum Wellness
Becoming a parent is a tremendous life transition.  This workshop will help you to understand the physiological and emotional changes that occur in the first few weeks and months after birth, and how to prepare, plan and care for yourself during these amazing, but also challenging weeks.  We will also cover the basics of breastfeeding.  You will learn how the body makes milk, what happens when mature milk comes in, how to position and latch your baby properly, troubleshooting common breastfeeding issues, swaddling and baby’s hunger cues.  Don’t wait until your baby is born to begin learning! Dress comfortably and bring a snack and water.

3 Hours, $75 per couple

Upcoming 2017  Dates:

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I’ve been blessed to experience the birth of three children. My daughters were both c-section births with my ex-wife and my son was a natural birth with my partner Karen. I went into Karen’s pregnancy with some preconceived ideas about child birth, most of which conflicted with the type of experience Karen wanted. Being a very holistic, natural and health conscious woman, Karen signed us up for child birth classes at Yoga Haven. My first reaction was, “oh no, I’m going to have to sit through 5 weeks of classes with a bunch of hippies!” I didn’t imagine that I’d get anything useful out of these classes. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Signing us up for the Yoga Haven childbirth classes was one of the best decisions we made for ourselves, and our son! From the first moments of the class, our instructor, teacher, and guide, Kelly, made me feel at ease with what we were going to do during our sessions. With a very calming voice and warm demeanor, Kelly made the stress and fear of having a baby fade away. She instilled confidence in me as a partner and father to be, and helped me feel strong enough to support Karen through the birth, and beyond. Kelly provided us with all the tools to make sure we could have the birth plan we wanted, yet prepared us for the likeliness that our plan would probably need to be modified along the way. We felt such a strong connection with Kelly that we hired her to be our doula! I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have taken the Yoga Haven classes and learned from Kelly. I’m a better partner and father today for it!