Doula Services

The physical and emotional support of a doula makes a difference in the birth experience.


Studies show that women benefit tremendously from the presence of a doula. Reduced rates of medical intervention, shorter labor, increased satisfaction with their birth experience, and lower rates of postpartum depression are just a few of the benefits.  Additionally, women who want, or need epidural also benefit from a doula’s presence and support. Partners report feeling more relaxed and confident with the extra support of a doula and as a result can feel more involved in this miraculous event. Doula services include more than just birth support. There is a full continuum of support that begins during pregnancy and continues into the first few weeks with your new baby.

Kelly has supported births since 2006 and is pleased to offer this service to the Yoga Haven community.

What moms and dads have said:

Dear Kelly, We know we said this in person, but we can’t help reiterating how grateful we are to have you play an important and wonderful role at our baby’s birth. We can’t imagine it going any smoother and we will always be thankful for your calm nature, good will and strong guidance. ~ Brenna & Nick

Now that I’ve gone through the birthing experience, I have already decided that with any future births I will plan on having a doula in the room. My intention from the beginning was to deliver naturally, but the combination of experiencing back labor and then being asked to lay on my back in the triage room upon my arrival quickly made me reconsider. I believe that with the right support, I probably wouldn’t have made the choices I did. Frankly, I panicked. When interventions were offered (i.e. pain meds, epidural) I didn’t feel at all inclined to turn them down just because the pain was so intense. While I knew of other coping methods, I just didn’t have anyone else in the room to help guide me. I didn’t really understand what the pain medication they offered would do, and had I known it would just make me feel drunk and unable to stand, I absolutely would’ve turned it down.  ~Terri

Dear Kelly, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us have the birth we wanted. We’re so glad to have had your calming, gentle, wise and helpful presence leading up to and during the birth. We had a feeling you’d be a perfect doula and we were right! ~ Marisa & David



To inquire about doula services, email Kelly at:

Doula services tend to book early. Please plan ahead to ensure availability.