Home Mindfulness Practice

 In times of uncertainty it is hard to find our feet on the ground.  It is a particularly challenging time to sit with our thoughts and feelings. That said, there is no more important time to try!  Mindfulness is the ability to be with and aware of our experience in the present moment without judgement.  While we cannot change the present moment, a mindfulness practice will allow you to BE with and in the moment with greater ease and compassion.  ​

But where/how do you start!?!?!  This 2 week program with Clare supports you in beginning or continuing a personal practice.  Clare has an innate ability to make these practices accessible and engaging even to the most reluctant, crazy-minded beginner.  Backed by years of experience working with a variety of ages and backgrounds, Clare keeps it simple, yet profound, welcoming and non-judgmental.

For $19.95, you'll get access to view 2 weeks worth of daily videos (14 videos) with Clare.  The videos range from 5-15 minutes.

After purchasing, you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions to access the videos. You will have 1 month of access to the videos.