Massage can be more than just relaxing “me time”.  It can also be used therapeutically in a variety of situations, including:

    • Reduce stress
    • Improve circulation
    • Increase joint flexibility & range of motion
    • Rehab post injury or surgery
    • Improve posture & breathing
    • Circulate & drain lymph

All of Yoga Haven’s massage therapists are licensed by the State of New York and have received additional certification in a variety of techniques.  Your therapist will talk with you to determine what type of massage will be most beneficial for your specific condition.  Some of the styles our therapists are trained in include:

Swedish – Most common and popular form of massage, using long strokes, deep kneading, light tapping and movements of the joints.

Prenatal – Focuses on the special needs of the expectant mother.  It can alleviate many of the discomforts that are caused by pregnancy: stress, fatigue, sore muscles, headaches.

Medical – Soft tissue injury, bone breaks and fractures.  Post-surgery reduces swelling, facilitates healing, regains range of motion and improves scar tissue condition.

Cranial Sacral – A gentle method of detection and correction which encourages your own natural healing mechanisms to dissipate the negative effects of stress on your central nervous system.  The therapist’s light, hands-on approach simply assists the hydraulic forces inherent in the craniosacral system to improve your body’s internal environment – and strengthens its ability to heal itself.

Post-Mastectomy – Alleviates post-operative discomforts, removes harmful toxins, reduces swelling and edema, prevents and reduces scar tissue, increases range of motion and mobility of the shoulder, boosts the immune system and increases blood, oxygen and lymph circulation, promoting easier more rapid healing.

Deep Tissue – Using deeper pressure than Swedish, this targets specific muscle groups to break up adhesions (knots), relieve tension, decrease muscle spasms, and increase range of motion.  Occasionally, a heating pad is used to relax tight muscles before deep work.

60 minutes: $100
75 minutes: $120
90 minutes: $135

Contact one of our massage therapists to schedule an appointment:

Kathryn Thompson: 914-552-3684;
Educated at the Swedish Institute in NYC, Kathryn has been licensed and practicing massage therapist since 1997. She subsequently has been trained and certified in cranial sacral therapy, lymph drainage, foot reflexology, pre-natal massage, as well as massage for those experiencing the side effects of cancer treatment. Kathryn has been a certified yoga instructor since 1996 and taught for many years at Yoga Haven, including the anatomy and physiology component of Yoga Haven’s Teacher Training program. She brings to each client her deep understanding of how the human body responds to stress – physical, mental, emotional – and the belief that each of us has the capacity to heal and reduce our own suffering. She has extensive experience treating clients with medical conditions, the elderly and those receiving hospice care. Currently she resides in Vermont and is available one week a month at Yoga Haven.

Carlene Brown: 917-992-2680;
Carlene Brown was born in the beautiful, sunny, laid-back island of Jamaica where she earned a degree in computer science from the University of the West Indies. She later migrated to the United States and spent several years working as a computer analyst with a major financial company on Wall Street. It was during this time that she experienced first-hand the effects of what stress does to the body, and her passion for massage therapy was born. Carlene quickly enrolled in the Finger Lakes School of Massage Therapy in Mount Kisco, NY and is now a licensed massage therapist in the State of New York. Carlene believes that all her life experiences have ignited her passion, and being a massage therapist is her true calling. She says, “I absolutely love it. I now feel alive. I brim with excitement just knowing I can help my clients feel relaxed and stress-free again just by one massage.”



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