Mindfulness Matters™ School Initiative

Thank you so much for all of your activities and suggestions– it is life changing for me.  I am hoping to continue sharing this with my students.
-Faculty workshop participant


Our Mindfulness Matters™ School Initiative is dedicated to bringing yoga and mindfulness to children of all ages.

Our offerings include:

School Based Yoga Programs
In a safe and positive environment, students will engage in developmentally appropriate yoga poses, games, breathing and relaxation techniques to build awareness, creativity, learning capacity and relationships.  While building balance, coordination, strength and flexibility, students are given the opportunity to develop self-awareness, self-regulation and self-esteem.
Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the children and school schedule and setting.



mindfulnessSchool Based Mindfulness Programs
Schools are a place for growth and discovery. Teachers and administrators are tasked with creating an environment suited for intellectual achievement. That said, it is also our responsibility to supply children with tools for personal and emotional growth and wellbeing. Mindfulness Matters™ seeks to engage the school community: students, teachers and parents, in mindfulness practices that will provide a foundation for holistic success. Stress is a part of life, but we cannot ignore the fact that stress has reached toxic levels in the education system. Providing students, teachers and parents with simple and effective tools to respond to life’s challenges is a lesson we cannot neglect. Developing a mindfulness practice is a lifelong asset that research has shown to improve focus, adaptability, compassion and resilience.

Very pleasant and positive presenters- full of knowledge too!!  Session time flew by- so interesting.  Thanks for being so encouraging!!!
-Faculty workshop participant

Collaborating with Yoga Haven, brings many advantages:

  • We are a local organization serving over 5,000 students in the lower Hudson Valley, including teachers, parents and students.
  • We understand the needs and concerns of this community.
  • Our program is simple, but at the same time multi-faceted and effective.
  • We adapt our program to the needs of each school’s goals and concerns.

Key components to a school based mindfulness program for all grades:

  • Presentation for parents and faculty: Introduce mindfulness. We will discuss what mindfulness is and isn’t, the science behind the practice and have parents and teachers experience a mindfulness practice.
  • Staff personal development: Give teachers and administrators the opportunity to develop a personal mindfulness practice. Explore how this will affect their interactions, both with colleagues and students. Before bringing mindfulness into their classrooms, it is essential for teachers to have a personal understanding and experience with the practice.
  • Staff professional development: Learn mindfulness basics and the tools to teach them. To include, but not limited to: basic mindfulness techniques, breathing techniques, classroom yoga, and a variety of innovative exercises to focus students of any age.
  • Create mindful spaces that are quiet and contemplative, open to students to practice, share their challenges, and have the permission to retreat to a safe quiet space during the school day. This is a tech free zone that encourages children to be present with themselves, free of external distractions.

Please Contact Us For More Information: info@yogahaven.com

We’ve Created Yoga Havens at:

Heathcote Elementary School, Scarsdale
Fox Meadow Elementary School, Scarsdale
Greenacres Elementary School, Scarsdale
Quaker Ridge Elementary School, Scarsdale
Ward Elementary School, New Rochelle
Anne Hutchinson Elementary School, Eastchester
St. Joseph’s, Bronxville
SARS, Mount Vernon
Eastchester High School
Tuckahoe High School
Seely Place Elementary School, Edgemont
Greenvale Elementary School, Edgemont