Our Approach

Yoga Haven’s philosophy is to essentially make yoga accessible to anyone who walks through the doors.  Life can be complicated.  Yoga doesn’t have to be.  At Yoga Haven, we believe it is as simple as  Move.  Breathe.  Be.  Standing on your head or being able to touch your toes is not required.  Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, a pregnant mom to be or an energetic teen, we have created a nurturing environment that meets the needs of every individual.  We stay connected to the traditions of yoga, while adapting to the modern, western body and mind.  ClarePostures, breath work and meditation are demystified to allow for a free, uncomplicated and egoless experience for all.  We believe that a combination of BALANCE, CREATIVITY, COMPASSION, EMPATHY and SUPPORT ensures for a safe yoga experience on the mat and empowers you to move with a sense of ease and grace as you confront the challenges of life off your mat.




Yoga Haven has provided me with a supportive community to explore my practice and a place where I have had the good fortune to nurture special friendships.  My practice has expanded to include the study of yoga philosophy which has opened the door to a greater depth in my practice.  I am grateful to Betsy and all my teachers at Yoga Haven for facilitating my journey on this path of yoga practice.
-Nancy B.