Our Teachers




BarbaraBarbara Bonomo

Barbara began practicing yoga at a gym during her early 20’s, while in graduate school and working full time.  Since then, it has been her source of exercise, stress relief, and spiritual connection.  Barbara came to Yoga Haven’s teacher training program with the desire to deepen her practice and learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga.  

She discovered amazing teachers, a sense of community, and an atmosphere of peace while training at Yoga Haven.  Falling in love with teaching was an added bonus.  She completed her 200-hour teacher certification in 2010.  Barbara believes yoga is a lifelong practice, that there is always more to learn and new areas to explore, yet the ancient and consistent foundations of yoga allow the practitioner to find her “home” on the mat.  She enjoys sharing her love of yoga and its many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits with her students.  Barbara is also a speech therapist in a public school, working with students with autism and other developmental disabilities.



IMG_6736Basia Kinglake, RYT-500

Basia Kinglake has been practicing Yoga for many years and teaching since 2000, when she completed the Yoga Haven Teacher Training Program.  In addition, Basia has studied extensively with Angela Farmer, Victor Von Kooten, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman and others.  Basia is a New York State Licensed Master of Social Work and  certified and trained in teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga,

through the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute.  In July 2013, Basia completed her 500 hour teacher training certification at Yoga Shanti, with Colleen Saidman, Rodney Yee, Richard Freeman, Richard Rosen, Manorama, Kari Harendorf, and Heidi Fokine.  In 2016, Basia completed the Urban Zen Integrative Training.  She encourages her students to relax, to find peace of mind, to balance their lives, to unwind, to create space, to explore poses from the inside out and to breath.



yoga haven owner betsy kaseBetsy Kase, RYT-500

Yoga Haven founder and director, Betsy Kase, RYT-500, C-IAYT, has been practicing yoga since 1991. She began during a time when her work and personal life were considerably stressful.  Almost immediately, she found a simple yoga practice unlocked a layer of peacefulness she had been searching for since she was a teenager.  After a couple of years of practice she finished her teacher training at Integral Yoga,

and then continued with prenatal and postnatal trainings.  Since then, she has studied with some of the most accomplished teachers. Realizing that her need to connect with and help people was more successfully accomplished as yoga teacher, she changed careers.

Betsy’s passion is finding ways to affect student’s lives in a positive way.  She has witnessed yoga’s profound ability to reduce a student’s pain, whether it be physical, mental, emotional and/or psychological.  Over and over she sees the results of her work and is thrilled to be intertwined in a community who deeply cares for the studio, herself and each other. 



IMG_9036Brittany Clarke

Brittany first started doing yoga when she was in high school. It was after college when she truly realized the beneficial effects of a more regular practice. Inspired to share her passion with others, she completed the 200 hour and Kids Yoga Teacher Training programs at Yoga Haven. She teaches a Vinyasa style of yoga and makes it accessible to all levels, ages and body types.



IMG_0849Cara Wolfson, RYT-200

Cara came to yoga after years of practicing martial arts and studying dance. She completed her 200-hour Teacher Certification in 2007 at Yoga Haven with Betsy Kase. Cara finds that the non-competitive nature of yoga brings her heart and mind a new level of peace. She credits yoga with helping her to overcome a back injury and manage anxiety.



Caroline Martinez-Zuber, RYT-500 

Caroline began practicing Yoga after moving away from her home country of Switzerland to Mexico City.  Yoga gave her the tools to ground herself while coping with a different culture and language.  After moving to New York in 2002, she started the 500h-teacher training in ISHTA with Alan Finger.  

She chose his style because she is fascinated with the symbiotic combination of a spiritual practice, which at the same time, is physically challenging too.  Also, ISHTA Yoga is one of the few styles that incorporates Ayurveda, the medical sister science of Yoga.
Caroline’s teaching is infused with her fascination toward Yoga, Science, and the Environment, and the connection of it all.  Her classes are challenging yet organic and fluid.  She feels strongly about honoring every person and teaching them greater awareness of themselves, through the tools of Tantra and Hatha Yoga.  This multi-faceted approach helps her students find their personal way to feel balanced and recharged after practise.



clare mottola yoga haven

Clare Mottola

Without knowing it, Clare started practicing yoga in college as a theatre student.  At the time, her teachers didn’t call it yoga, but over time, she came to realize that she was studying asana, pranyama, and meditation.  In 2004, when a group of friends gave her a gift certificate to Yoga Haven after her second son was born, Clare found a deeper connection to time on her mat.  

After stumbling up the stairs to her first YH class in 2007, Clare realized that there was something calling her to study, practice and ultimately teach.  In 2011, Clare received her 200-hour certification from Yoga Haven and happily teaches yogis ages four and up.  It is because of the brilliance and love shared with her during the teacher training that she has been inspired to make teaching a study of the practice. Since she began teaching, Clare continues to happily find ways to bring more yoga to her life and more life to her yoga.  Clare hopes that her students will take the time to recognize the courage, wisdom and beauty that they bring to each class while delighting in the gratitude and peace that the practice brings. Clare’s students are her teachers and she is humbled by all the lessons they have taught her.


yoga haven teacher darcy bowmanDarcy Bowman, RYT-500

Darcy Bowman views life as an opportunity and is inspired in each precious breath.  She encourages her students to approach yoga as a way of life, to practice with a beginner’s mind, with loving kindness, and with sincerity.  Darcy is an RYT-500, having taken her 200 hour training at Bright Spirit Yoga in Hoboken, NJ, then 300 hour ISHTA training at YogaWorks, NYC.  

She has taken many additional Teacher Trainings including Yoga Tune Up®with Jill Miller, Advanced Relax and Renew with Judith Lasater, and 108 hour Anusara Immersion with Lorraine Aguilar.  Darcy graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has studied extensively with Glenn Black, Nichala Joy Devi and many others.
Whether she’s teaching hatha or restorative yoga, she leads with an inquiry based approach that empowers students.



Debbie Zimmerman

Debbie has been practicing yoga for more than a decade.  She attended her first class because she was told it would be a good compliment to her running regimen.  What she wasn’t expecting was the sense balance and serenity she discovered on her mat.  Her mind felt focused and calm; her body felt limber and strong.  Yoga has been her passion ever since.

Debbie brings a sense of humor and light-heartedness to her classes.  Her goal is to encourage students to breathe, discover, learn and shine in a nurturing, safe environment. She feels blessed to have studied with wonderful teachers from various traditions, and is thankful to her students for inspiring her to continue to learn about yoga every day.  Debbie received her certification at Yoga Haven in Scarsdale, NY and is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher.



deeDeirdre O’Connor
Deirdre hails from Dublin, Ireland.  She first discovered yoga while recuperating from a back injury and soon discovered that yoga brought much more than physical relief to her body.  Yoga encouraged a strong desire for a lifestyle change, which prompted her to take the teacher training program at Yoga Haven and become a Registered Yoga Teacher. 
This journey of self- awareness, mindfulness and spiritual development continues. Having a special interest in ‘assisted yoga’, she continued her study with Lotus Palm School of Thai Massage, and also offers one on one Thai Yoga Therapy, a meditative form of bodywork. In 2009 Deirdre was trained and was certified by Power Pilates and is now teaching classes and privately each week. She has also completed her Reiki Training, which is more accurately called the “Usui System of Natural Healing”, a Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation with many benefits. Deirdre sees teaching as an opportunity to live more peacefully & cultivate metta, or loving kindness. She remains a humble student and this is her greatest teaching tool.



photo.jpgDoris Eugenio
Doris Eugenio looked to bring yoga to underserved populations upon getting her 200 hour certification in 2007 and Restorative Yoga Training in 2012 at Yoga Haven. Doris has completed The Yoga for Cancer training with Tari Prinster at Kripalu, along with the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Training, and is a Reiki Master Level 1.
Yoga in clinical and therapeutic applications has been her interest and passion ever since. For the past four years, Doris has worked with kids with cancer and their caregivers at Montefiore Children’s Hospital in the Bronx, a job she finds to be rich, fascinating and rewarding.



Emily Wilson
Emily has practiced yoga for more than fifteen years, but deepened her practice after the birth of her first child in 2004.  She found that yoga brought a calmness and consciousness to her life – and to her parenting style.  She received her 200- hour yoga teacher certification from Yoga Haven.
Emily is also certified in prenatal, kids’ and restorative yoga.  She is continually inspired by teaching both adults and children and hopes to pass on the joy that yoga has brought her to her students.



yoga haven teacher freddie wyndham
Freddie Wyndham, ERYT-500
Freddie is a 500-hour E-RYT and has been teaching yoga in the New York area since 2001.  He received his initial 200-hour and subsequent 500-hour teacher training and certification in ISHTA Yoga at Yoga Works.  Freddie is also a certified Yoga Tune-Up teacher and a graduate of the Anatomy Studies For Yoga Teachers program at Zenyasa Yoga with Jason Brown.  
He also has studied in depth with Alison West, Jill Miller and Glenn Black. He is currently a senior teacher at Yoga Works and teaches classes throughout lower Westchester County and in New York City. Freddie is a Bhakta Yogi whose creative, challenging and flowing classes include a wonderful blend of imaginative sequencing and a journey into the Heart.



Fran Clemente
Fran Clemente has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2005.  She is a certified (RYT 500) vinyasa yoga teacher, but was drawn to Iyengar yoga when she began practicing with Jill Ganassi at Yoga Haven.  Fran began practicing yoga because of a debilitating injury.  Through her practice and then teacher training, she gained an understanding of how yoga heals.  
Fran also completed a Social Action Teacher Training to teach yoga to at risk youth. Currently Fran teaches yoga and meditation at Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY. She has been a volunteer teacher for the Lineage Project, teaching awareness-based practices such as yoga and meditation to at risk and incarcerated New York City youth. Fran is the principal at Newmark High School in New Jersey. Newmark is a State approved high school that serves students with emotional, social and learning disabilities. Her research in the field of resiliency and her study of yoga informs her work with students, staff and families.



fullsizerender Gabby Frolov

Born and raised in the Bronx, Gabby spent most of her childhood sheltered at home dreaming of an active lifestyle. Years later when she attended university in Texas, she began working at the campus gym. There she discovered her passion for a good sweat, and where she tried yoga for the first time.

Funny enough, her first Yoga class left her feeling confused which then led to not having much interest in pursuing the practice. However, when moving back home to New York, she rediscovered Yoga thanks to a friend. Once she attained body awareness, there was no going back. Since then, Gabby has been a devoted Yogi and an avid practitioner, both on and off the mat. She has completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Haven, and is also Pilates Mat certified through Equinox!

Gabby values all the lifelong lessons her practice has taught her, and is eager to guide her students into discovering what their practice means to them. With a bubbly personality, huge smile, and love of laughter, she brings a lighthearted and passionate air to her teaching. She aims to construct an environment of mindfulness, support, and connection for all her students, present and future.



FullSizeRenderIvy Guerrero-Timmons
Ivy moved to NY from her native Dominican Republic in 1993.  She tried yoga for the first time in 2002, as a way to deal with health issues and personal loss.  She came to Yoga Haven and she describes her first experience here as her “coming home to yoga”.  Since then, Ivy has continued to study and practice with many internationally respected yoga teachers such
as Jason Crandell, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig and Desiree Rumbaugh among others.  She received her Reiki Certification from Reiki Master Merrill Black in 2011 and her 200 HR Certification from Yoga Haven in 2012. She is registered with Yoga Alliance. Ivy defines herself as a perpetual yoga student. She credits a mindful, steady yoga practice with helping improve her strength, balance and flexibility, not only on the physical level but also mentally and spiritually. Her goal as a teacher is to share these and all yoga benefits with her students. She hopes to be able to one day teach in Spanish, her native language.  More about Ivy




Jacqui Stix

Jacqui Stix is a teacher at heart bringing years of experience as a former art educator to her yoga teaching practice. Her classes are artfully crafted with free flowing poses, guided by mindful alignment cues. Always creating a safe and fun environment for all, her unique and exciting sequencing allows her students to explore their practices physically and emotionally.

Her passion for prenatal yoga led Jacqui to become a Birth Doula. With compassion and love, Jacqui is inspired to support pregnant women and guide them through their journey to motherhood with the help of yoga, breath and mindfulness.

Jacqui is certified in Vinyasa Yoga (200 hour Yoga Haven, 2012), Kids Yoga, (Little Sprouts, 2011), Aerial Yoga (AirCat Yoga, 2012) and Pilates Mat (Core Pilates, 2014). Jacqui is also a Prenatal Yoga Teacher (Yoga Haven, 2014), a Doula (Deborah Pascali-Bonaro 2016) and a Childbirth Educator (Lamaze, Lothian/Walsh 2017).


Jessica Dixon
Jessica was captivated by yoga in 2000 when, after graduating from college, she took a few classes and immediately noticed improvements in her posture and her mindset. She took classes as frequently as possible during the next few years, and during her first pregnancy discovered that yoga helped her stay in tune with her body.  
Her move to Westchester coincided with the opening of Yoga Haven 2, just down the street from her house, and she soon developed a close relationship with both the teachers and the space. A graduate from the 2016 Yoga Haven teacher training program, she thinks of the studio as a home away from home. Jessica has a dual Master’s degree from Bank Street College of Education, and has been teaching (including yoga classes!) at a local preschool since 2013. She delights in seeing her students smile and form new sense-memories as they move, breathe, and have fun.



Jennifer Krakowsky 

Jen came to yoga several years ago with both intrigue and fear.  At the age of 14, she went through spinal fusion surgery to halt the progression of scoliosis. With a fused spine, she wasn’t sure yoga would be right for her body.  But in physical pain (and more than a little frazzled) from chasing and lifting her two young boys, she knew she needed to do something to help herself.

She immediately fell in love not only with the physical benefits of yoga, but also the mental ones.  She realized that yoga was nothing to fear.  To the contrary, yoga was the perfect way to understand her spine — not only the eight fused vertebrae but also the underlying scoliosis. Jen received her 200 hour teacher training certification at Yoga Haven in Westchester, NY.  She continues to take workshops at Yoga Union in NYC under the direction of Alison West and at Samamkaya Yoga Back Care and Scoliosis Collective.  In 2016, she completed Part 1 of Elise Browning Miller’s Yoga for Scoliosis training.  She is grateful to share her passion and knowledge with others.



jenniferJennifer Pagoto

Jennifer has been in the business of building core strength for over twenty years as a pediatric occupational therapist. She fell in love with Pilates during her very first class almost 10 years ago. She became a certified Pilates Mat Instructor by Linda Farrell of LindaFit Pilates NYC in May 2014.

Linda Farrell pioneered Pilates Mat programs at countless studios, dance centers and fitness clubs in Manhattan. Jennifer continues to attend workshops by Linda Farrell and other highly sought after instructors in the field to continue growing and learning each day about this powerful method. Recent workshops include Pilates Mat Applications for Clients with Scoliosis, Pilates Using Therabands, and Pilates Mat Variations. It is important to Jennifer to keep her classes close to the classical Pilates sequence ensuring a balanced body workout, but also provide variations keeping her classes fresh. She uses props in her classes including the mini stability ball, 1-2-3 lb. hand weights, therabands, towels or yoga blocks. Growing up Jennifer had a strong background in dance which she takes with her into each class encouraging her students to move freely with strength, power and grace. In June 2016 she received her BeyondBarre certification which combines Pilates and dance at the barre and on the mat. She utilizes certain techniques learned from this program for additional dance inspired moves. Her classes are open to all levels of the Pilates practice. Modifications are provided for beginners and for students with injuries. Jennifer’s favorite part about teaching Pilates is seeing the progress made by every student each and every class.



yoga haven teacher jill ganassiJill Ganassi
Jill has been studying yoga since 1996 and teaching since 1998. She is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor at the Intermediate Junior II Level and a Certified Yoga Therapist by IYAT.  She is dedicated to practicing and teaching yoga in the method and tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar.  Jill is also a NY State Licensed Master Social Worker and is certified in Ericksonian hypnosis.  She runs “The Lake House
which is a small, peaceful center for stress management, hypnosis, and Iyengar Yoga.
Jill loves being a part of the Yoga Haven community and as well as teaching classes and workshops here, she also enjoys leading the history and philosophy portion of the Yoga Haven Teacher Training program. In her work with people as a stress management counselor she combines focused psycho-educational dialogue with hypnosis, yoga, meditation, and body centered awareness, according to the needs of the individual. She believes in the message of the great sage Patanjali, – Future Suffering is Avoidable.


kathy mandarano yoga haven yoga for cancerKathleen Mandarano
Kathy’s yoga journey began in 2006 and prospered in 2010 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her treatment, she found solace and strength through yoga and her spiritual practice.  After officially defeating cancer in 2012, Kathy began to think of ways to give back to the cancer community.  
She joined the Rye, YMCA Livestrong program and completed her first triathlon along with other cancer survivors. Kathy then traveled to Nashville, Tennessee where she was a positive example at the National Women’s Survivor Cancer Convention to survivors as well as those with cancer.
Realizing yoga helped both physically and mentally, Kathy decided to pursue her teacher training program at Yoga Haven and became a Registered Yoga Teacher. Kathy loves the healing effects of yoga as people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities can enjoy yoga and adapt it to suit their individual needs. Kathy then became a Reiki I practitioner at Loving Touch Center and a certified teacher at both Children’s Yoga at Yoga Haven and Cancer for Yoga with Tari Prinster at Kripalu .
Kathy wants to help those affected with cancer and allow yoga to breathe life back into their bodies. As a yoga teacher, Kathy hopes to “rejuvenate the souls of those with cancer, to cleanse their bodies and strengthen their immune systems which will maintain their health.“



katieKatie Feinstein
A lifelong athlete, Katie began her yogic journey five years ago in a Bikram studio.  Over the years, she has had the privilege of studying many different styles of yoga with many influential teachers.  A proponent of movement, fitness, and nutrition, Katie is a full time yoga instructor, group fitness teacher, personal trainer, and coach. 
She hopes to share with her students the positive changes yoga has brought about in her life including a calm state of being, an increase in focus and awareness, a strengthening of mind and body, and an overall healthier lifestyle. She received her 200-hour certification from YogaHaven and offers gratitude to the entire YH community.  Preview a flow with Katie.



headshot_01KC Hall, CIYT

K.C. Hall began studying Iyengar Yoga in 2006 when she was pregnant. During this time she learned the importance of proper alignment and the value of props to support her when she could not do the full pose. Now a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, K.C. circles back to these early experiences and sees the hidden gems of alignment and props: balance, stability, power and above all, a sense of hope.

Her teaching focuses on bringing these golden elements of yoga to her students, so they can mine for themselves this richness and apply the principles of yoga to their lives to overcome the obstacles to happiness. K.C. has studied extensively with Senior Iyengar Teacher Patricia Walden, completing Patricia’s 2-year Teacher Training program in 2015.



Lisa Lindstrom
Looking for a way to spice up her exercise routine in her 20s, Lisa found yoga.  After a “few” years, three children and a move to the suburbs, her practice developed into a passion for yoga — the anatomy, philosophy and most importantly, the consciousness it brought to her everyday life.  
Through her lighthearted, nurturing classes, Lisa hopes to share with others the peace and contentment that yoga has helped bring to her life.  She received her 200-hour teacher training certification through Yoga Haven in 2013 and continues to explore all the facets of yogic study.  She is grateful and continually humbled by many beautiful teachers in Westchester.  More about Lisa



Louise Fecher
Louise Fecher, E-RYT 200, is a workshop leader, Yoga Alliance continuing education provider (YACEP), Reiki practitioner, and writer. She completed her 200-hour training at Yoga Haven in 2005 and began teaching at the studio soon after with classes in Restorative and mixed-level yoga.
She was certified as a Relax and Renew (Restorative) Trainer by Judith Lasater in 2007 and studied Advanced Restorative yoga with Judith in 2009. She also earned a certificate in Prenatal yoga in 2007. An experienced chair yoga instructor, Louise created and launched a Chair Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Haven with Betsy Kase in 2012. In 2016, Louise was certified in The Fishman Method: Yoga for Osteoporosis by Loren Fishman, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor at Columbia Medical School.
Louise works with students of all ages and abilities and brings a sense of humor and a nurturing atmosphere to her classes. She combines her passion for yoga and a decades-long career as an editor and writer on her website, yogabright.com, where you can find her blog, pranayama instructions, and other helpful articles. 



Lucy Pallogudis

Lucy began practicing yoga as a source of healing and a way to manage anxiety and stress after the birth of her first son in 2003.  She wanted to give back the benefits she felt from yoga by teaching it and started on her journey to become a certified yoga instructor in 2015. Lucy graduated from the Yoga Haven 200-hour training program in 2016 and in addition to teaching adults,

Lucy teaches children and volunteers at a local woman’s shelter to introduce yoga as a way of relaxation and healing.

Lucy considers herself a life-long learner of yoga and is also a Reiki Practitioner and DōTERRA Wellness Advocate.



img_0814Margaret Duggan

When Margaret started yoga in college, it served primarily as a cross training activity to a demanding athletic regimen.  It wasn’t until she began attending classes at Yoga Haven that she realized there was much more to yoga than building physical strength and flexibility.  Curious, she began her 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Haven in 2011 and discovered the extensive benefits of a more mindful practice.  

No longer just a series of poses, yoga became an ongoing practice of awareness and connection.  Her least favorite pose is still savasana, but it’s a work in progress!

Margaret is especially interested in anatomy & physiology.  She began studying it academically in college, but really became fascinated by the subject while trying to make sense of several injuries sustained rowing at the elite level, post-collegially with the US National Team.  She has continued her studies in anatomy with a focus on the spine and yoga with Loren Fishman, MD,  Alison West and Elise Browning Miller.   Margaret teaches the anatomy & physiology section of Yoga Haven’s teacher training with the unique ability to make the material accessible and understandable for all types of learners.  Margaret also teaches Yoga Haven’s “Mindfulness Matters,” curriculum in the local schools to faculty and staff, and manages the running of both Yoga Haven studios.



margueriteMarguerite Guglielmo
For Marguerite, her yoga mat is an oasis of peace and calm – a place for self-reflection. She loves to lose herself in her meditation and asana practice, and has felt that way from the first time she stepped onto the mat.  It’s those moments of pure joy and the fun of the practice that she hopes to share with her students.  Marguerite received her 200 hour certification from Yoga Haven in 2010.  
Her goal is to encourage students of all ages, shapes, and flexibility levels to find their inner yogi.  She recently came across a quote (by Alina Morelli), that sums up her goal: “I aspire to inspire before I expire.”



Melanie Goio
Melanie’s journey with yoga began when she was a teenager, taking classes with her dad in her native Switzerland.  No matter where her path brings her, yoga centers her and helps her to be mindful of what matters most.  She loves the challenge, loves that it’s never the same, loves the calm and the strength she has found in her practice.
For over 20 years, Melanie has continued her study of and passion for yoga.  This passion, in combination with her love of children, inspired her to receive her Kids Teaching Certification from Sun Yoga England (under the direction of Jacqueline Koay).  She then decided to expand her teaching to adults and received her 200 hour, Mommy & Me, Prenatal and Restorative Training Certifications from Yoga Haven in Tuckahoe (under the direction of Betsy Kase).  Her students describe her as a very nurturing, caring and attentive teacher who can quietly and gently touch them, physically and emotionally, leaving them feeling relaxed, grounded, and at peace. No matter what level or ability, she has an effortless manner that makes each student feel comfortable with what they achieve and inspired to grow stronger. Expanding her knowledge of the healing arts, Melanie discovered the benefits of Reiki.  She studied with Reiki Master Ginny Mackles and is now a Reiki Practitioner.  She is very grateful and blessed to have found her passions in life.  Meet Melanie.



smallprofileMelissa Jhunja, LMSW, RYT-500

Melissa has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and loves to share this transformative practice with others.  She completed her 200 hour teacher training through YogaWorks and 500 hour training at ISHTA yoga.  Melissa combines the flow of vinyasa with precise alignment and focus on breath in her classes, to nurture a profound and healing mind-body connection.

Melissa is trained in Trauma Informed Yoga, which she applies with at-risk youth, veterans and prison populations. She is also certified in restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra. Off the mat, Melissa is a Social Worker, Reiki practitioner and animal lover. She enjoys encouraging and challenging her students find strength and peace for mind and body. To learn more visit her site at healinghathaflow.com.



Mimi Cho-Kunz, RYT-500
Mimi was born in Seoul, Korea where she spent her childhood years.  Mimi’s Korean name is Youngmee which means “beautiful fiery flower”.  She speaks fluently English and Korean and is nationally certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance as a teacher at the 500 hours level and as a certified prenatal instructor. 
 Mimi joined the world of yoga due to health problems and in search of a body and mind remedy.  She completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training through the “Journey into Yoga” program at the Rivertown Center for Yoga and Health in Dobbs Ferry, New York and graduated as a Kripalu Yoga teacher.  Then she completed her 500 hours and prenatal training at Matkin Yoga Center.  Mimi’s passion about yoga is transforming the experience gained on the mat to off the mat, meaning into daily life.  Her belief is enjoying practicing and through that finding happiness, peace and discovering the true self in one’s heart.



normaNorma Archer
Norma took her first yoga class a very long time ago in Swaziland, Africa.  The class was taught by a wonderful family friend to whom Norma will forever be grateful.  Thereafter, she got married, moved to Switzerland and continued to practice from a book for many years while living life and having three sons.  
It was not until she moved to the USA, and followed a teacher who she met at the gym, to Yoga Haven, that she rediscovered the joy of practicing with other people.  In 2010 she finally decided to “become” a teacher and completed her 200-hour training at Yoga Haven.  She soon realized that “becoming” a teacher will take her a lifetime and is eternally grateful for the students and teachers who assist her in this process with patience, kindness and wisdom – and a well-developed sense of humor muscle. Norma also completed certification in Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga at Yoga Haven and loves being able to implement the elements of restorative and more gentle yoga in her classes.
More about Norma… 

FullSizeRenderPatty Meehan, RYT-500
Patty Meehan has been a certified yoga instructor since 1999. She completed teacher training with Betsy Kase at Yoga Haven(200 hours) and with Gary Kraftsow, American Viniyoga Institute (500 hours).If you are new to yoga or if you are a seasoned student Patty’s style of yoga will both enlighten and inspire you. 
Patty believes yoga has many applications and students can use yoga practice in all phases of their lives.
Patty continues her studies with Baxter Bell, Yoga For Healthy Aging, Melina Meza, yoga and aruvedic nutrition and has been inspired by TKV Desikachar, Eric Schiffman, Leslie Kaminoff and all of the teachers at Yoga Haven.  She completed a Kundilini training at Kripalu on Yoga For All Types of Addictions.



FullSizeRenderPeggy Belles
Peggy joined the Tuckahoe Police Department as a Patrol Officer in 1994 at the age of 25, and became a Yogi at 33.  She took her first yoga class in 2002 and instantly knew this was the saving grace, a pathway to peace among the daily chaos of life.  As she rose the ranks to Lieutenant, her practice gave her the tools to balance raising a family of 4 children with a demanding career.
Peggy’s mission was to bring yoga to the community youth and to her brothers and sisters in blue.  That dream became reality when she completed her 200 hour training at Yoga Haven.  After 21 years serving her community as a Tuckahoe Police Officer, Peggy retired in 2015, but is eager and enthusiastic to share the gift of yoga with anyone and everyone who walks in the door!
Peggy also has her Kids Yoga certification through Yoga Haven and is a Certified Reiki Level 1 Practitioner in the Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing through Integral Yoga NYC.



IMG_0853Ryan Gilly
Ryan is a graduate of Yoga Haven’s teacher training. He brings to his teaching a sense of fun and lightness, balanced with a great knowledge of anatomy and how the body works. He enjoys downhill mountain biking, running, snowboarding and calisthenics and has found that yoga has been an integral part in keeping his body balanced so he is able to continue to participate in these sports.
He has worked through his own injuries, and has developed a great ability to assist others and address their restrictions.



yoga haven instructor sarah hutchingsSarah Hutchings
Sarah Hutchings, originally from Great Britain has lived in New York since 2010 with her family.  She began practicing yoga in 1999, and finally immersed herself in the Yoga Haven Teacher Training 2013-14.  Since then she completed the Yoga Haven Prenatal and Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings.  
To continue her education and learn how to support women during the different stages of their lives, she has completed the Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training at Integral Yoga, is a Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapist, certified by Leslie Howard and has completed her Holistic Doula Certification.  She is also a certified aromatherapist and uses aromatherapy in all parts of her life.  Sarah’s passion is to care for and educate her students, teach women about their bodies and continually learn about health and healing.  Take a peek at Sarah’s Mommy & Baby class.



sarah knox yoga teahcerSarah Knox, E-RYT, EdY

Sarah has been teaching yoga since 1997, when she received her certification in ISHTA yoga from Alan Finger. She then found a home at Yoga Haven, where she received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification from Betsy Kase in 2002. Sarah continued her studies with master teachers such as Erich Schiffmann, Gary Kraftsow, TKV Desikachar, Sonia Nelson, Srivatsa Ramaswami and AG Mohan,

and is a graduate of the Yoga Educator (EdY) program at The Breathing Project in NYC, where she studied anatomy, kinesiology, physiology and embryology with Amy Matthews and Leslie Kaminoff.  Sarah is also certified in The Fishman Method: Yoga for Osteoporosis, a program developed by Loren Fishman M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor at Columbia Medical School.

Sarah has been teaching at Yoga Haven since 2001, where in her Extra Gentle classes she seeks to create an unintimidating environment in which every student can be comfortable. Her Yoga for Bone Health class in Scarsdale is based on her studies of Yoga for Osteoporosis with Dr. Loren Fishman. Sarah also leads workshops in Yoga for Osteoporosis, Core Awareness and Anatomy of Breathing.