IMG_5196This basic level class will be gentler and slower then a regular level 1. It will have consist of primarily restorative yoga postures to facilitate deep states of relaxation. The body is supported in “relaxing postures” and the complete group of postures move the spine in all directions. This is a great class for those new to yoga, with limited flexibility, those recovering from injuries or just want a great relaxation!

Sundays, 11 am in Scarsdale


*Please always check the online schedule for class changes and cancelations*


Because of medical reasons I sleep with my head elevated.  Long term, I have come to realize, this has affected my posture adversely, and yoga postures that open my heart / chest / shoulders are having a good effect.  I was not even very aware, going into the class, how much of a reality this closing-up had become, it was so gradual over time; and it has taken awhile to recognize the benefit from  yoga, but it is substantial.

The other major challenge is my Parkinson’s (PD), which was diagnosed about 3 years ago. PD itself is of course irreversible, but in the past decade there is strong indication that the brain is able to work out new neural paths to do some of the same things that the established, eroding pathways were engaged for.  I cannot say definitively that this is happening from the yoga, but I definitely feel my mind and body are more cooperatively aware of each other, with the most obvious subjective result being that I no longer feel like I’m just carrying my shoulders and arms around with me, and not even (for the most part) having to consciously project my mind into those areas, for instance to initiate left arm swing when I walk.

~Current Yoga Haven Student (2017)