Styles & Levels

class styles and levelsAt Yoga Haven, we have a variety or class styles and levels.  We offer a stimulating and encouraging environment for complete beginners, through to advanced practitioners.  There are classes for those with injuries, prenatal classes for women preparing for childbirth, yoga for new moms and their babies, and classes for toddlers, kids and teens to boost development, confidence and well being.  You can visit the links below to learn more about the different classes we offer.  Variety can sometimes be overwhelming!  If you would like some guidance in selecting a class, please let us know, we are happy to sort through the choices with you.

Unsure what level of class is right for you… here is some helpful advice from one of our teachers: Picking the Appropriate Level Yoga Class



Vinyasa (pronounced “vin-yah-sah”) style classes coordinate movement and breath into a flowing series of poses. The style and sequence will vary depending on the teacher and class level.  More Info

Iyengar  Iyengar Yoga is a very meticulous style of yoga, with utmost attention paid to finding the proper alignment in a pose. It is great for students who want to learn the systematic way to move in and out of postures. It develops strength, stamina, concentration and body awareness.
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Yoga for Scoliosis This class will help students with scoliosis better understand their curve(s) and work with specific postures and the breath in order to develop body awareness, achieve spinal extension and length, and build core and back strength.  More Info
Yoga for Bone Health  This class is open to all, but is especially beneficial for those who have bone loss or are hoping to prevent it.  More Info
Restorative  This basic level class will be gentler and slower then a regular level 1. It will have consist of primarily restorative yoga postures to facilitate deep states of relaxation.  More Info
Yoga for Cancer  This class is specifically formatted to address the physical and emotional needs of those affected by cancer and it’s treatments.
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Mommy & Baby  For mothers and newborns, 6 weeks to walking, this class includes stretching and toning for the new mom, baby massage, breathing and relaxation.  More Info
Prenatal  Prenatal Yoga emphasizes self-awareness, relaxation and composure, it is the perfect preparation for pregnancy and childbirth.  More Info
For Women  We offer a range of classes and services specifically to support women through the childbearing years.  More Info
Toddlers, Kids & Teens  You’re never too young or too old to enjoy yoga!  In these classes, traditional yoga techniques have been recreated in simple and fun ways that young people can enjoy.  More Info
Aerial Yoga  With the support of aerial hammocks, explore, and refine traditional poses, in the air and on the ground.  More Info