Since beginning our program in 1998, Yoga Haven has trained over 150 qualified teachers.  Our graduates go on to offer their skills all over the world, in diverse areas such as education, sports and corporate teams, health clubs, physical therapy centers and many more.

Students are equipped with both the technical skills and confidence to teach an eclectic flow style class.  Training starts each September and takes place over eight months to allow for the full integration of the material into the student’s practice and life.  An additional one-to-two months will be needed to complete requirements. The training meets Wednesday nights 6-9pm, six full Sundays 1-6:30pm and three Friday nights 6:30-9pm.

Yoga Haven’s teacher training offers a profound exploration of body, mind and spirit that will foster growth and healing for yourself and your future students.

As a Yoga Haven student you will receive a personal, unique and inspiring training.  Our instructors are of the highest calibre, dedicated to ensuring that when you complete your training, you are equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to be the best teacher you can be.


 “I always looked forward to my teacher training sessions at Yoga Haven.  I would leave the training classes feeling invigorated and energized – inspired to share what I had learned with others.
Janis Bowersox, 2004 Graduate

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