Yoga Haven

Caroline Martinez-Zuber, RYT-500

Caroline began practicing Yoga after moving away from her home country of Switzerland to Mexico City. Yoga gave her the tools to ground herself while coping with a different culture and language. After moving to New York in 2002, she started the 500h-teacher training in ISHTA with Alan Finger. She chose his style because she is fascinated with the symbiotic combination of a spiritual practice, which at the same time, is physically challenging too. Also, ISHTA Yoga is one of the few styles that incorporates Ayurveda, the medical sister science of Yoga.
Caroline’s teaching is infused with her fascination toward Yoga, Science, and the Environment, and the connection of it all. Her classes are challenging yet organic and fluid. She feels strongly about honoring every person and teaching them greater awareness of themselves, through the tools of Tantra and Hatha Yoga. This multi-faceted approach helps her students find their personal way to feel balanced and recharged after practice.