Yoga Haven

Clare Mottola

Without knowing it, Clare started practicing yoga in college as a theatre student. At the time, her teachers didn’t call it yoga, but over time, she came to realize that she was studying asana, pranyama, and meditation. In 2004, when a group of friends gave her a gift certificate to Yoga Haven after her second son was born, Clare found a deeper connection to time on her mat.

After stumbling up the stairs to her first YH class in 2007, Clare realized that there was something calling her to study, practice and ultimately teach. In 2011, Clare received her 200-hour certification from Yoga Haven and happily teaches yogis ages four and up. It is because of the brilliance and love shared with her during the teacher training that she has been inspired to make teaching a study of the practice. Since she began teaching, Clare continues to happily find ways to bring more yoga to her life and more life to her yoga. Clare hopes that her students will take the time to recognize the courage, wisdom and beauty that they bring to each class while delighting in the gratitude and peace that the practice brings. Clare’s students are her teachers and she is humbled by all the lessons they have taught her.