Yoga Haven

Jennifer Pagoto

Jennifer has been in the business of building core strength for over twenty years as a pediatric occupational therapist. She fell in love with Pilates during her very first class almost 10 years ago. She became a certified Pilates Mat Instructor by Linda Farrell of LindaFit Pilates NYC in May 2014. Linda Farrell pioneered Pilates Mat programs at countless studios, dance centers and fitness clubs in Manhattan. Jennifer continues to attend workshops by Linda Farrell and other highly sought after instructors in the field to continue growing and learning each day about this powerful method. Recent workshops include Pilates Mat Applications for Clients with Scoliosis, Pilates Using Therabands, and Pilates Mat Variations. It is important to Jennifer to keep her classes close to the classical Pilates sequence ensuring a balanced body workout, but also provide variations keeping her classes fresh. She uses props in her classes including the mini stability ball, 1-2-3 lb. hand weights, therabands, towels or yoga blocks. Growing up Jennifer had a strong background in dance which she takes with her into each class encouraging her students to move freely with strength, power and grace. In June 2016 she received her BeyondBarre certification which combines Pilates and dance at the barre and on the mat. She utilizes certain techniques learned from this program for additional dance inspired moves. Her classes are open to all levels of the Pilates practice. Modifications are provided for beginners and for students with injuries. Jennifer’s favorite part about teaching Pilates is seeing the progress made by every student each and every class.