Yoga Haven

Jessica Dixon

Jessica was captivated by yoga in 2000 when, after graduating from college, she took a few classes and immediately noticed improvements in her posture and her mindset. She took classes as frequently as possible during the next few years, and during her first pregnancy discovered that yoga helped her stay in tune with her body.
Her move to Westchester coincided with the opening of Yoga Haven 2, just down the street from her house, and she soon developed a close relationship with both the teachers and the space. A graduate from the 2016 Yoga Haven teacher training program, she thinks of the studio as a home away from home. Jessica has a dual Master’s degree from Bank Street College of Education, and has been teaching (including yoga classes!) at a local preschool since 2013. She delights in seeing her students smile and form new sense-memories as they move, breathe, and have fun.