Controlled Chaos

After my trip to Inida, you may expect to hear about all the shrines, temples, markets, people, and of course the Taj Mahal.  We saw the usual tourist sites, posed for the standard photo ops, but most remarkable to me…the traffic!!

If you think New York City traffic is bad, it doesn’t even compare to a drive in New Dehli.  It is out of control!  Neither me, my husband, nor my 12 year old son could get over it.  Luckily someone else was driving, or we may not have made it back.  But even more remarkable, we saw no accidents.

The rules and logic of basic driving simply don’t exist.  No one uses a blinker, pedestrians just walk across the street.  The lane lines, stop signs and traffic lights are “suggestions” according to our driver.  The “lanes” are filled with cars, trucks, buses, scooters, bicycles, add in a cow or two, a couple dozen men on motorcycles with their wives and babies riding side saddle, rickshaws, motorized rickshaws, a couple of donkeys and carts, throw in a camel, an elephant, a couple of goats and a bunch of pigs!!! Oh yeah I forgot, add in the local family of monkeys and a stray dog or two.  You feel like you are watching a movie or in the midst of a video game.  But somehow, the flow of traffic moves like one organism. As our driver would say over and over, “It is all under the control.”

This one organism thing is the key.  Life appears chaotic there, but it actually moves slow.  Its OK if it takes three times longer to do something there, than here in New York.  It is OK if the reservation is missing, it eventually appears.  It’s even OK when there is no hot water in the bathroom.  You live through it!  Life continues and you move on.  Repeated 50 times a day, our wise driver would say, “Everything is OK,” basically it all works out!