Vinyasa (pronounced “vin-yah-sah”) style classes coordinate movement and breath into a flowing series of poses. The style and sequence will vary depending on the teacher and class level.


Yoga Fundamentals:
This class is great for students brand new to yoga as well as those continuing to get acquainted with the basics. Students practice proper alignment in a relaxed, non-competitive setting.

Level 1-Extra Gentle:
This class moves at a more relaxed pace than a regular level 1. The needs and abilities of each student are respected in an atmosphere free of expectations.

Level 1:

These classes are perfect for beginners. Postures, breathing practices, meditation and deep relaxation will be introduced. This class will help you learn yogic fundamentals and develop a solid foundation.

Level 1/2:

This class is geared towards the student with some basic yoga experience, but beginners are always welcome. Your teacher will modify the level of difficulty based on the students present.

Level 2:
This class is for students who are comfortable with the postures introduced at the basic level and who feel ready to explore additional poses integrated into a faster paced flow. Introduction to inversions, arm balances and deeper backbends may be offered in this class.

Mixed Level:_DSC0636
These classes are open to all levels of practice. Your instructor will give you options and modifications throughout the class, based on the students present. More complex poses may be introduced for advanced students, while beginners can work at their own level. If you are brand new to yoga, we recommend starting with Level 1 class.

Level 2/3:
Level 2/3 classes are designed for intermediate to advanced students. We recommend that you have a solid practice and understanding of intermediate yoga postures. You can expect a more challenging flow to build heat and test your strength and stamina. We will play with arm balances and explore inversions & deeper backbends.