Since I first set foot in the door seven years ago, and participated in YH teacher training a couple years later, it is no exaggeration to say that Yoga Haven has saved my life. Both the Tuckahoe and Scarsdale studios exude beauty, peace, cleanliness, and welcome—whatever your level of yoga experience, and whatever your present feelings about your body and life. From the people who sign you in, to the many and varied instructors, to the assistants circulating the room, Yoga Haven embodies the intention of wellness and light, healing and love. Owner Betsy Kase is a one-of-a-kind human being, training hundreds of instructors to teach the same magic she has. Her inspiring approach to yoga combines a rare blend of anatomical genius, disarming humor, and radical acceptance.

Cari P

It had been nine years since my last yoga class when a friend recommended Yoga Haven about a year ago. I was stiff, my knees and back were bothering me, and I was feeling old. I started with the extra gentle yoga classes for about six months and then little by little stretched into a more challenging practice, and I am loving every minute. I’m thrilled with Yoga Haven. I feel safe, and I feel challenged. The support is phenomenal.

Susan H

After practicing yoga for nearly two decades Yoga Haven gave my yoga practice a home. From moment I walked in the door I felt welcomed. On the mat I am able to be fully present. The teachers delight and inspire me. The safe, nonjudgmental environment cultivated at Yoga Haven encouraged me to explore and go deeper into my practice.

Nan Mutnick

By far one of the best studios in Westchester. Something for every body and personal need. Betsy literally hand picks and personally trains her teachers and it definitely shows. Would recommend this to any and everybody; old or young, injured or healthy. You can find what you need here!

Jess Kelleher

I moved to Bronxville in 2003 and began taking yoga classes at Yoga Haven quickly thereafter. The two studios in Tuckahoe (5 minutes form my house) have been a second home to me… a place where I can devote time to myself and practice yoga from a variety of warm and committed teachers. I have wonderful friends there. I am so grateful to Betsy for establishing such a simple and welcoming haven in this very hectic New York suburb.

Gretchen Pingel

We LOVED our class with Besty Kase. She is a brilliant teacher, a complete “natural”. She loves to relate to people, she is sharp at perceiving their needs and how to encourage different types, and she oozes passion for her art. We feel very blessed to have found her class too!


In 2005, I moved back to New Rochelle and I have been attending classes at Yoga Haven ever since. As I continue to practice yoga both on and off the matt, I have learned a lot about myself, my body, Sanskrit, yoga, life and a greater awareness. Often people come to yoga for a purpose or for fitness and we find and learn a lot more about yoga from the practice and increased awareness in our bodies, minds and spirits. I guess for me yoga seeped into my veins and my life. I see how it has changed my life and this is a part of my life and my lifestyle. I like how I feel after yoga and this makes keep coming back…..

Ann Marie DeLuca

The first time I walked into Yoga Haven and met owner Betsy Kase, it felt like coming home. There is a warmth and like-mindedness evident throughout the space. Each student and teacher is nurtured as an individual, in a challenging yet safe and knowledgeable way. During my year spent in the teacher training program, I was enlightened not only by the coursework, but also by the friendship and support of everyone involved. Several years into working as a yoga teacher, I can definitely say my training prepared me well to meet the challenges of my varied classes and students. Whenever I go to a fancy workshop led by one of the “rock stars” of yoga, more often than not I am thinking “yeah, Betsy taught me that”! Even now, whenever I need to “recharge” my practice or teaching, a trip to Yoga Haven always does the trick.

Kelly Jancski, RYT-200