Your Body’s Saran Wrap

Have you ever thrown up your hands in frustration as you try to cover leftovers with saran wrap and it gets bunched up in a tight wad before you can get it over the bowl?!  So what if I told you that you had something inside your body that was like a whole roll of saran wrap???  It starts from one end of your body wrapping your muscles, joints and organs, in one continuous membrane.  That stiff feeling when you wake up in the morning is your bunched up saran wrap.  In our bodies it’s called fascia, but the idea is the same, the layers gets stuck together while you sleep, causing restricted mobility.  Luckily, one of the amazing features of fascia is something called thixotropy.  Don’t let the scientific jargon freak you out, it just means that fascia is like a bowl of Jell-O.  When you warm it up it liquefies, but when it cools back down it re-solidifies.  Each morning, you need to melt your fascia to “unstick” yourself from the inside out.  If you go from laying in bed, to sitting in the car, to sitting at your desk, the fascia never gets unstuck.  The fascia just gets tackier and becomes harder to unglue.

Some individuals’ fascia is sticker then others.  I think I may be in the running for one of the stickiest, fuzziest insides ever seen!  Sometimes, just nodding my head, I can feel sensation travel all the way down to my hamstrings (back of your thighs).  Unfortunately, unlike the frustrating wad of saran wrap, we can’t trash our fascia and just rip off another sheet.  We have to work with what we’ve got, and make a conscious effort to stay one step ahead of our congealing fascia.  Come to class… your fascia will thank you!