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Poses That Make You Think

By Sarah Hutchings

Mountain Pose (Tadasana). Root down, hug muscles to the bone, rise up. I kept hearing these directions many times in class. I didn’t understand, yet I kept interested in the guidance. I would glide my eyes to other yogis on their mats and couldn’t see a change in their outward appearance. I had never heard these instructions on my mat in the UK!!! Was I the only one who didn’t get it; or were we all in the same ‘not getting it’ boat together?

Fast forward Teacher Training, workshops, research, continuing education and now I get it! BUT, every time I root down, hug muscles to the bone, rise up it feels different. Some days the alignment comes more easily. Other times, the imbalances are more apparent. Self-inquiry kicks in, or is it self-judgement? But consistently, over time, my body-mind connection strengthens. I embody the language. I am stronger. I grow.

More training, observation, conversation and now I can add: weight more to heels, thighs move back in space, tailbone heavy, soft lower lumbar curve, energetic lift of pubic bone, shoulders over hips, shoulders soft, chin draws back in space, crown extends upwards. I acknowledge and know I have more to discover in Mountain Pose, the foundation of all standing poses.

From here I can build, grow, trust and expand. Warriors I, II & III, Tree, Chair, Half Moon, Standing Splits – the list is endless and beautiful and ever evolving. With the foundation of Mountain Pose and an open, inquiring mind, each has more meaning, purpose and depth.

What pose makes you think?

Sarah Hutchings has lived in New York since 2010 with her family and began practicing yoga in 1999. She immersed herself in the Yoga Haven Teacher Training in 2013-14, then went on to complete teacher trainings in Prenatal and Restorative yoga. Continuing her education and learning her love of supporting women during different stages of their lives, she qualified as a Postpartum Yoga Teacher at Integral Yoga, is a Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapist, certified by Leslie Howard and a practicing DONA Postpartum Doula. She is also a certified aromatherapist and uses aromatherapy in all parts of her life. Sarah’s passion is to care for and educate her students, teach women about their bodies and continually learn about health and healing. Take a peek at Sarah's teachings, Level 1 and Mommy & Baby class.

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